Shifters Wife

I can finally share the lovely cover of the Elle and Luke novel with you guys! The novel is called The Shifter’s Wife. It takes place after the events in the Taken and Captured serials. This story is a full length novel and won’t have a cliffhanger ending. Here’s the blurb for the novel:

“Happily Ever After” is only the beginning
Curvy Elle Rivers is married to the man of her dreams. Only now that they’re married, Luke seems to be having second thoughts about having children. Elle desperately wants to start a family and their difference in opinion is beginning to take a toll on their very new marriage.
Luke Rivers has never been happier in his entire life. After a lonely childhood, he’s somehow managed to find the woman of his dreams. Only, now the one thing she wants most is something that could take her away from him.
Elle and Luke find out that marriage can be complicated even if you’ve found your soul mate. This novel contains strong language and sexual content. It is meant for a mature audience.

The novel comes out in September and as always it will be released at $0.99 for a limited time. Sign-up to my mailing list to be reminded when The Shifter’s Wife comes out so you can be sure to pick it up at sale price. I’ll be back next Wednesday with a surprise for you guys. And for my US readers, have a happy holiday weekend!

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