Witch&Wolf3A sneak peak at the final part of the Witch and Wolf serial. This section is from the unedited manuscript so please forgive any mistakes and the formatting:

Something rough and wet was stroking Rory’s face. She tried to brush it off but it returned every time. Whatever it was, she wished it would stop. She had been having the most wonderful dream and it kept waking her up. As much as she swatted it away, the wetness returned. It wasn’t until she heard the werewolf whine did her eyes snap open.
She sat up quickly and Cross had to back up to avoid her head.
“Did I pass out again?” she asked. “Could you please shift back? I really want to be able to talk to you right now.”
“Yes why don’t you,” a clipped voice said from behind her. Rory looked around but didn’t see anyone. She knew it must be a dark fae. One had pulled her into this damn dimension so they couldn’t be far away. She was beyond happy to see the wolf though. She thought she was imagining him running toward her as she was pulled into the portal. Everything had gone black the minute she passed through.
The Lost dimension looked nothing like she had imagined. In her mind it was a barren wasteland with sand and beating hot sun twenty-four hours a day. She really did belong in the Midwest. Her version of hell was too much sun all day. It was nothing like that though. Where she was sitting looked much closer to a children’s illustration of a fairyland. It was green and lush. There were trees and there was even a babbling spring just a few feet away from her. The grass under her hands felt softer than any grass she had ever sat in.
She pulled some grass up and let it fall through her fingers. “Can you believe this is the ultimate prison? I mean this place is straight out of a fairytale right here.”
Cross whine and pawed at the ground. He circled a few times behind her.
“I know there’s someone here.” She could feel the magic. In Olaf’s home, the magic had felt dark and dirty, like falling into a pit of syrup and mud. Here she felt great. All her aches from fighting Violet and Melody were gone. She honestly felt like Superwoman. There was nothing that was going to stop her from getting her and Cross back to the right dimension. She really wished one of those fae would show their face now. They would be no match for her.
Cross snarled and all the fur stood up on his back. On the other side of the small stream, a woman appeared. Rory squinted and tilted her head. The woman looked familiar.
“How are you feeling?” the woman asked. “You passed out as you came over but I couldn’t get close enough to examine you.”
Rory patted Cross on the side. “Good.”
“Do you know who I am?”
“The evil bitch that kidnapped me and put everyone I love in danger?”
The woman smiled. “Is that really how you talk to your sister?”
“My sisters are on the other side of a portal in the good dimension. You know the one you were kicked out of.”
The woman snorted. “Those women are your magically sisters maybe. Me? I’m blood.”
It was Rory’s turn to laugh. “I don’t know what your game is but at least I was able to get a laugh out of this whole thing.”
“I would think my face alone should convince you,” the woman raised an eyebrow. “I know it’s like looking into a mirror when I see you.”
Rory’s stomach turned. That was why the woman looked familiar. The woman was taller than Rory and had to be older. Besides the brunette hair, the woman’s facial features looked like Rory’s. They had the same blue eyes, small mouth, and pert upturned nose. If the woman smiled, Rory expected to see a dimple in one check.
“You can see it now,” the woman said. “My name is Sophia and I’m Queen of the Northlands Fae. I’m going to go back to my village now since you’re little dog won’t let me close to you. You can follow me back to the village if you chose.”
Sophia walked away into the forest.

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