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Shifters Everafter Book 2 Available Now!

Red and the Tiger 3 OTHER SITES

Red and the Tiger

A modern day shifter tale inspired by the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood!

With her grandmother missing, Suzy Redding has no choice but to travel to the Wasteland. But Suzy isn’t prepared for this trip. Her overprotective mother never even let her leave her hometown. But for her Gran, Suzy’s willing to swallow her fears and go. After getting lost in the woods for hours, she runs into a helpful shifter. The only problem? He’s waiting for someone else. Out of ideas, Suzy lies to get the handsome shifter to help her.

Tiger shifter Tyler Wolf has gotten his big break. He’s lived in Rose Valley long enough. He’s decided to work for a local gang to make some quick cash and leave the shifter town. On his first assignment, things go wrong quickly when he picks up the wrong woman. As mad as he is about being lied too, Tyler decides to help Suzy anyway. He can’t leave the innocent woman to fend for herself. Especially not since his tiger has taken a special interest in the curvy beauty.

This is book two in the Shifters Everafter series but it is a standalone story with a HEA ending that can be read on its own. Pick up your copy on Amazon today for only $0.99 or free as part of a KindleUnlimited subscription!

Final Safari Island Shifter Story!

Don't Kiss and Gazelle WEBSITE USEDon’t Kiss and Gazelle

Gazelle shifter Ward Langston has been running through life. He’s been all work and no play for far too long. He’s been working hard on a year-long celebration for work but the hard part is almost finished. He only has a few more interviews to do and then he can start getting back to his life. Namely, finding his mate!
After curvy Joan Marin follows him home from the bar, Ward is reluctant to start anything. He’s in the middle of a big project and doesn’t have time for it at the moment. That quickly changes when his gazelle takes a strong interest in the beautiful women. But Joan isn’t as interested in him once the sun comes up. She’s on Safari Island for work and doesn’t want her relationship with Ward to complicate her job.
Can Ward convince Joan that their relationship can work in the light of day? Find out in book fifth and final book of the Safari Island Shifter series! Only $0.99 or FREE with KindleUnlimited! Grab your copy today HERE on Amazon today.

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12 ALL-NEW BBW/Shifter Stories!!!

holiday boxsetI’m so happy to get to share this with you all finally! I just know you are going to LOVE this new boxset that I’m a part of. This LIMITED EDITION boxset has 12 BRAND NEW holiday stories from authors you know and love. And every story has a curvy leading ladies! You can get all 12 of these stories for only $0.99 for a limited time. This set will only be on sale for a short time so be sure to grab your copy today so you can get all these great stories at the lowest price! Here are the pre-order links:






Safari Shifter Book 3 Release!

Elephants Never Forget AMAZON LARGE

Elephants Never Forget

Maura Trebel is visiting Safari Island for her honeymoon, except there is no husband by her side. Her fiancé left her at the alter and Maura was forced to come to the romantic resort alone. She quickly makes a new friend and is surprised to see a face from her past.
Branch Dunkin is having a less than stellar summer. His best friends have gotten married and he’s lonely. He’d love to find a mate one day but is content to keep his life single and carefree for now. All that changes when a woman from his past waltzes back into his life.
The two have an instant connection but Maura doesn’t think she can act on it. She’s on the island for more than her honeymoon. The secret is enough to make her keep her distance. Will she go through with her plans or will she be won over by love? Find out in book three of the Safari Shifter series! Only $0.99 or FREE with KindleUnlimited. Pick up your copy on Amazon today!

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New Safari Shifters Release: Between Two Crocs!

Between Two Crocs OTHER SITES

Between Two Crocs

Lily Aris is heading back to Safari Island for her best friend’s wedding. While she’s happy to be back on the amazing island, it’s been no vacation. Between having to juggle her demanding boss back home and maid-of-honor duties, she’s exhausted.
Croc shifters Max and Finn Nunez have been at each other’s throats since the summer. The tension between the two is obvious to everyone. Finn has been withdrawn and testy for a long time and it’s getting on Max’s nerves. Just when he gives up on Finn, the lovely Lily comes back to the island. Max jumps at the chance to spend more time with the beautiful woman and away from his moody brother.
With the twins at odds, it’s up to Lily to try to bring them closer together. After all, fighting crocs aren’t good for any wedding. She’s more than happy to add this to her long list of maid of honor duties. And she’s going try her hardest to get the hunky shifter twins to kiss and makeup. Only $0.99 or FREE with KindleUnlimited! Grab you copy today HERE!


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$0.99 BBW/Shifter NEW Release!!!

Rhino You Love Me AMAZON LARGERhino You Love Me

Safari Shifters Book One

Addison Little just got the chance of a lifetime. Her best friend won an all-expenses paid trip to Safari Island and she’s asked Addison to join her. Addison’s always wanted to visit the shifter-run vacation spot but it’s always been out of reach financially. This post-college trip is the curvy girl’s last chance to have try and let loose and she’s determined to let her hair down and go wild.
Chet Gallow is one of the best workers on Safari Island. He’s been driving tour buses since the island first opened and he loves his job. After eight years, he’s beginning to think it’s time for a change. He wants to settle down and is sure the best way to find his mate is by leaving the island. But there are always surprises on Safari Island.
When he meets Addison, he knows she’s the one for him. The curvy girl isn’t so sure. Chet is brass and full of himself. There’s no way she wants anything to do with the egotistical rhino shifter even if he is drop dead gorgeous. But Chet won’t give up so easy. He’s found his mate and he’s going to do whatever it takes to win her over.
This is the first book in the Safari Shifters series. This short novella contains a HEA. NO cliffhanger!

The first Safari Shifters book is here! You can pick up your copy today for only #99cents or FREE with a KindleUnlimited subscription.

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Final Mail-Order Mates Book Released!

leopardAMZThe Leopard in Love

Mail-Order Mates 8

Pilot Kai Waters has watched all the bachelors of Sunset Falls find love. It never occurred to Kai to try to get matched himself. As a busy single father, he has his hands full already. He’d like to find love but he doesn’t want to take away from the precious time he has with his son.
Curvy Sarah Roberts is visiting Sunset Falls from out of town and isn’t looking for a romance. The only thing on her mind is relaxing, going to the town’s Christmas festival and visit with her family. Little does she know that Olivia Grey has one more match up her sleeve and she’s convinced that Sarah and Kai are perfect for each other.
Will Kai and Sarah go along with Olivia’s master plan? Find out in the eighth and final book in the Mail-Order Mates series. Only $0.99 or FREE with a KindleUnlimited subscription.

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New Mail-Order Mates Release!

PantherAMZPursuing the Panther

Billionaire shifter Ben Shelby can’t get a break. He’s wealthy, successful, and an upstanding member of his community. To his mother, that just isn’t enough. She wants her only son to find a mate. Ben’s signed up with the Lovely and Kind Bride agency but still has no matches. Ben wants to find a mate very badly but he won’t rush it. Unlike his mother, he’s patient and will wait for the right woman.
Curvy bartender Zelda Simmons is losing her best friend. Her half-sister Tessa is moving across the country to get married. While out partying on her last night in town, Tessa gets her sister to agree to sign up with a mail order bride agency. Zelda agrees but she doesn’t think the agency will be able to help her. When she see finds out that her match is an incredibly wealth shifter, she’s even more suspicious. There’s no way a billionaire would ever be her perfect match.
Find out if these two strangers can overcome their differences to find love in Mail-Order Mates book seven. Only $0.99 or FREE with KindleUnlimited. Grab your copy today on Amazon HERE!

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New $0.99 Release!!!


Surrendering to the Stag

Rachel Drummond has spent her entire life in Sunset Falls. The hardworking waitress has longed for a family of her own for years. Seeing her friends find love with a mail-order bride service. Rachel decides to give the agency a chance.

Stag-shifter Clint Preacher has had his eye on Rachel since they were teenagers. The beautiful curvy waitress has never batted an eye in Clint’s direction. To his surprise, the two are matched via Lovely and Kind Brides. Clint is eager to get their romance underway but Rachel is holding back. She has a secret that could tear them apart. Will these longtime friends find love or will her secret keep them apart forever? Find out in Mail-Order Mates book six.

New $0.99 Release!


A Wife for the Wolves

Matt and Mark Lunar have been waiting to become alphas their entire lives. Together, they could provide the leadership that the Lunar Pack sorely needs. Their only problem? They don’t have a mate to complete their triad. There hasn’t been an alpha triad in the pack for decades and the twins are having no luck finding the special lady to complete their threesome. In a last ditch effort to find a mate, the twins sign-up with a mail-order bride company. Join the alphas-in-waiting as they search for their perfect mate in book five of the Mail-Order Mates series. You can pick up your copy HERE on Amazon for only $0.99 or FREE as part of KindleUnlimited.

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