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New Release: Taming the Tiger (Mail-Order Mates Book 4)


Book four is here! Grab your copy at Amazon today, only $0.99 or free as part of KindleUnlimited: Taming the Tiger. Here’s the synopsis:

Gwen Johnson is losing her mind. She’s watched three of her friends find love with the help of LK Brides. But her profile goes unmatched in the database. Gwen’s ready to leave Sunset Falls and find the love of her life. If only she’d be matched already!
Dominic Cates knows Gwen is the love of his life and his mate. Too bad she doesn’t believe it. They have a history and Gwen won’t give him another chance after he’s already hurt her once. Can the tiger convince the stubborn tigress that he’s changed? Find out in book four of the Mail-Order Mates series.

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February Resolutions Update

Feb Resolution Post

Another month has come and gone and I’m back with another update on my resolutions. There were a lot of ups and downs this month in the Kidd house. We didn’t have working plumbing for almost 6 days which was a major curveball for us. Luckily, I still managed to stick to my goals for the most part.
1. Get Healthy
a. Move More.
I’m still aiming for 5000 steps/day. I had hoped to be up to 6000 by now. It’s much harder than I anticipated to find time to get in organic movement during the day. Our endless winter in Illinois makes it hard to get out and move during February. I’m still stepping in place during my favorite TV shows to get those steps in though. I know
b. Drink More Water
I’m still so-so with this one. I don’t think that’s a bad thing since I rarely drink anything besides water. Even if it’s not as much as I want to be drinking yet, it’s still better than drinking pop or mocha lattes 🙂
c. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
I did great with this goal in February. We ate vegetables with every lunch and most dinners. Yay for canned vegetables! It’s so easy to just pop open a can of green beans or peas and add them to each meal.

2. Read More
I’m still reading a book a week. I’ve started reading the “He Wanted me Pregnant!” series by Victoria Wessex and its making it so easy to fit in reading time. These books are short and very steamy. I’ve already read two and have two more sitting on my Kindle for March.

3. Write 500,000 words
Doing great with this one too. I wrote just under 40,000 words this month so I’m right on track.

So there it is. So far so good. I’m pleased with my progress and think I’ll only do better next month. How are you guys doing with your resolutions?

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New Release: Loving the Lion (BBW/Shifter Mail-Order Bride Romance)

LovingLionBook one in the Mail-Order Mates series is here! This novella is the perfect Valentine’s Day read. The story of Erin and Owen is so sweet and sexy. Plus, this short book is the perfect bite to sneak in during your lunch break or while you drink a cup of tea in the morning. Grab your copy on Amazon today. As always, this book is free if you’re subscribed to KindleUnlimited. The service was just widened to include Mexico and Canada. So all my international fans, you can join the unlimited reading fun today too.

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January Resolution Update

The first month of 2015 is already over. I swear January just flew by. I said I would update you lovelies on how I was doing resolution wise each month. So how am I doing?
1. Get Healthy
a. Move More.
I am rocking this one in a major way. Thanks to my trusty Fitbit, I can easily track my progress during the day. While I’ve haven’t used my Walk Away the Pounds DVDs yet, I am walking more each day. I started small with a goal of 3000 steps/day. If I hit the daily goal, I up the ante the next week by 500 steps/day. I’m up to 4500 steps/day now.
b. Drink More Water
This one I’m doing so-so on. I am drinking more water but it isn’t how much I need to drinking. I’m at about 1 liter/day. Really I should be drinking 2-3 liters. I’m going to really buckle down on this one next month.
c. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
I am doing better here but still not getting my daily amount of fruits and veggies. I’ve added frozen vegetables to two meals/week and have rediscovered my love of yams. I’ve added dried fruit to my grocery list this week so we’ll see if I can up my fruit game next month.
2. Read More
Rocking out at this one too. Now that I’m making time each day to read, I’m actually starting to make a dent in my TBR list. This month I read 5 books. I’m in the middle of NO4A2 by Joe Hill so I know I’m already on the way to my first finished book for next month.
3. Write 500,000 words
Doing great with this one too. I wrote just over 50,000 words this month which puts me a little ahead of schedule.

So there it is. So far so good. I’m pleased with my progress and think I’ll only do better next month. How are you guys doing with your resolutions?

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New Series: Mail-Order Mates

PM MOMI finished up final Lost Tribe book last week. I’m still working through edits and waiting for the cover but the final two books should release before Valentine’s Day. That means I’m moving onto a new series! I’ve just started working on the first book and I absolutely love this series. The first book should release right around Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be a series of standalone novellas. Each of these stories will have a HEA so you’ll be able to pick up any of the stories and dive right into the world. Each book will focus on one couple getting their perfect ending. The series follows modern day BBW mail-order brides who use the services of Lovely and Kind Brides. LK Brides serves a very special kind of client. All of their bachelors are shifters looking for love.

I’ll also be starting an ARC review team for the first time with this series. There are a very limited number of spots on the List for Mail-Order Mates. Be sure to fill out the application, located here, now if you’re interested. When all the spots on the List are filled, I will remove the application.

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An Excerpt: Revenge-The Lost Tribe

Here’s an excerpt from the third chapter of the next Lost Tribe book. It should be available early next week. As always, please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes in this unedited sneak peek.

Lena hurried through the woods. She pushed a branch out of her way and stepped over a root sticking out of the dirt.
“This is a terrible idea,” Ellia said as she swatted at a bug near her face.
“It very well maybe but I need to do this. You’re free to go back to the castle anytime.”
“You know I wouldn’t be able to leave your side. I just wish we had better clothes to wear for hiking.”
They had changed out of their dining clothes and into the dresses they had on earlier in the day. This was their second trek to the wall Sophia had built on Clan Blackfire’s land. Lena was starting to get her powers back and she figured it would be a good time to see if she could get behind Sophia’s wall. She also wanted to know where Margaret actually came from. The girl seemed nice enough but Lena didn’t believe that she was truly from hundreds of years in the future.
“We’re going to be late for the meeting on the beach and then Allen will kill us.”
Lena stopped. She could feel the pull of magic. “We’re close already and I its taken us far less time than the first time to get here. We’ll be able to get back even faster since the moon will be higher in the sky.”
Ellia looked up at the full purple moon. “It is very bright for night time. I can barely feel the magic here but when we came the first time I felt close to nothing.”
“I feel it strongly.” Lena raised her hand and the tree closest to her quivered before bending slightly. “I’m getting stronger. This world isn’t like our Earth but it’s much easier for me to do magic the closer we get to the wall. I don’t think Sophia just chose a spot at random to build her wall.”
“Of course she didn’t. Your evil sister found the most magical spot on this entire world to make her home. Typical Sophia.”
Lena laughed. “At least we can count on Sophia trying to grab power no matter what world we’re on. You have to admire her consistency and drive. This couldn’t have been easy to find after she was toasted by Tavis.”
“Sophia has a bloodhound’s nose for power. I’m sure she found this spot very easily. What are you planning to do now that we’re here exactly?”
Lena had her hands on the wall and was trying to open a small hole. She didn’t need much. Just something big enough for her and Ellia to squeeze through. She felt the wall giving ever so slightly. She concentrated her energy to the soft spot.
“Lena.” Ellia’s voice squeaked. “Please don’t try to get in there!”
“I have to see what’s behind here.” Lena pushed against the wall and felt the spot give. She stuck her hand through the space she had made and smiled triumphantly at Ellia. “See. We can get in and look around before the midnight meeting.”
“No!” Ellia hissed. “This is a very bad idea. We can come back tomorrow with Allen and Troy.”
“We can not bring Troy here to go behind the wall.” Lena scolded. “If he saw whatever it is Sophia is up to, he would throw us all out in the cold.”
“All the more reason to leave it alone! The last time you saw her, she was trying to kill you.”
“Sophia is always trying to hurt me,” Lena said breezily. She slipped through the hole and waited on the other side for Ellia to follow. It was clear Sophia had been up to something in the last few days. They had barely been there for a week and Sophia had made major changes to the landscape.
The first and most obvious was the water and the sky. Lena was standing on a very small strip of beach that was surrounded by water. She could see far in the distance that there was a little village on another beach. That had to be where Sophia and the rest of the tribe were staying. The sky overhead was darker than it had been on the other side of the wall. The moon was white just like the one on Earth. Lena had no idea how Sophia had done it but it looked very much like their vacation home in the West Indies.
“What in the hell?” Ellia looked up at the white moon. “She must be much more powerful than we imagined if she can do this.”
“Not that powerful since she’s trapped her with us.” Lena put her hand on the water and froze a path to the other beach. “Come on. Let’s go say hello.”
Ellia shook her head. “Please Lena. Let’s just go back now. You can open a hole in the wall again and we can come back with more people.”
“She won’t hurt me. She hasn’t killed me yet and she won’t now.”
“Troy and Tavis stopped her on the beach. There’s no one here to protect us now.”
Lena raised an eyebrow. “You have the Princess of the Northlands Fae to protect you.”

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