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Changes to Witch and Wolf Availablity

Hello again lovelies. This week I have an announcement to make. My newest serial, The Witch and the Wolf,  is going to be an Amazon exclusive for the next three months. If you haven’t heard, Amazon just unveiled a new program where people can borrow an unlimited number of books from the Amazon Kindle Library for $9.99/ month. You can go check it out if you’re interested. The books are also available for purchase if you have no interest in KU. As of now, I will only be putting Witch & Wolf into this program. I have no plans to put the two Black Oak Shifter novels in the program. This was a very difficult decision for me. I hope that by doing this, I am able to give most people the chance to check out the serial using KU.

If you’re interested in reading the Witch and the Wolf but buy from other vendors, you’re in luck. There is an app that you can download to read Kindle books on any mobile device, tablet, or computer. I actually use the app on my iPad because I don’t have an eReader. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like help downloading the Kindle app or even if you would like to chat about KU or my decision.

The Witch and the Wolf: Part One

Part one is live!!! I’m very excited about this one. I’ve been waiting SO long to share this story with you all. Aurora and Cross have been a blast to write and I am loving creating a whole new world of witches, were-creatures, vampires, and fae. As always, please leave me a review on your favorite site when you finish. It really helps get the word out about my books and I super appreciate it when you do.

Here’s the links:





Google Play-coming 7/25

New Serial Cover and an Excerpt!


“Excuse me, sir!” she called running outside. “You forgot your change!”
He turned around helmet in hand, blue eyes sparkling. “I don’t think I did. I believe you mean your tip.”
“You left me a hundred dollars,” Rory said dumbfounded. “I know I’m good waitress but I’m not that good.”
“I think you deserve some compensation for having to put up with us. I get to stare at you while I eat,” he said straddling his bike. “I think that’s reason enough to give you a great tip. I wouldn’t want my favorite waitress leaving for greener pastures.”
He put his helmet on effectively ending the conversation. He revved the motor and sped off with his friend leaving Rory staring opened mouthed. She managed to wait until she was back in the diner before she started grinning.
The next night he had left her another hundred and the night after that too. By the fifth night, Rory was starting to get annoyed. It was starting to feel dirty. Did he think she was a prostitute or something? Lot’s of men hit on her while she was waiting tables but none of them were leaving her hundred dollar tips.
“You need to stop leaving me these tips. It’s too much,” she told him before taking their plates on the sixth night. As always, the pair were the only customers left in the restaurant.
“Fine,” he said looking at her. “I’ll stop leaving you obscene tips if you go out with me.”
Rory blushed. “I don’t even know you!”
“I’ve been coming here for more than six months now. I know your name is Aurora Silver and you’re the daughter of the owner. My name is Cross Hemlock and I’m a nice guy who rides a motorcycle,” he smiled at her. “See now you know me. So what time should I pick you up Friday?”
“Just because you tell me you’re a nice guy doesn’t mean you’re a nice guy,” Rory said. “In fact, whenever a guy says he’s a nice guy, he’s usually the exact opposite.”
“Hey that’s not fair! Ozzy, back me up!” he told his blond haired friend.
“Leave me out of this,” Ozzy said putting his hands up. “I only come here for the food. I’m not getting banned over your love sick ass.”
Aurora smiled a little at the love sick part. “Look, Cross is it? I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all but you know very well why I can’t go on a date with you.”
“I know you don’t buy into that whole ‘no mixing’ thing. There hasn’t been a war between wolves and witches in decades. In fact, I’m not even sure my pack has ever had a beef with your coven before. That’s all in the past. You need to live in the present honey.”
It was hard when he turned those baby blues on her but Rory resisted. “Thanks for the advice but I’m still going to have to pass. I appreciate the compliment but please stop leaving me this money.”
“I’ll stop leaving the money when you go on a date with me,” he vowed before leaving for the night. Rory had made $1200 in tips since he started his dating campaign and it didn’t look he’d be stopping anytime soon.


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Black Oak Shifter Novels and New Serial News!

Hello lovelies! If you haven’t heard, I’m revisiting the Black Oak Shifters one last time. I had originally planned to do one novel focusing on both couples from the serials. Yeah. That was a bad idea! Looking at my outline, I realize that would be too much story for one book. So instead of cutting stuff from the story or making a giant confusing book, I’m breaking it up into two novels instead. First, one for Elle & Luke. Then, one for Amina & Jaxon that will be the end of the series. The novel synopsis at the end of Captured 3 is still the core story of the two books though. These will both be released in early fall.

In the meantime, I have a new serial for y’all! It’s an entirely new cast of characters in a world full of sexy witches, hot werewolves, evil fae, and devious vampires. It centers around the story of Aurora Silver & Cross Hemlock. A witch & a werewolf that find themselves in a sticky situation. Part One will be released at the end of the month and I’ll be back next week with an excerpt and the cover.

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Almost Done!!

It’s been so long! I hope you all are doing well tonight. I haven’t posted in so long because I’ve been hard at work on the last entry in the Captured Series. I just sent the manuscript out for edits! While I wait for that to be sent back so I can do a final run through, I’ll be looking at all the notes I have for my next series. More on that later of course. I am sad to be leaving the Black Oak Shifters universe for now but am very excited about the new story I’m about to bring you guys. I’ll see you all next week for the release of Captured: Part 3!

Series Reading Order and Future Release Dates

I’ve had people ask me what order Captured and Taken should be read in. The full Taken series comes first. However, you could read the Captured  series first if you really wanted and then back track to Taken or not read Taken at all if you’re not interested in Elle & Luke. You can jump right in with Captured:Part One and not be confused.

On the publishing side, going forward I will not be setting exact release dates anymore unless I do pre-orders. As an author, I can confidently say that a book will be finished and ready by a specific date. As an indie publisher, I have no control of when a vendor decides to approve my books for sale. This means that books will be available for sale on different vendors at different times. For this reason, I will now give a timeframe for when new books will be available. For instance, Captured Part Three will be available the first week of July. This means that by July 7 it should be available on all vendors.

Finally,  I just wanted to say thank you again to all you guys. Taken Part Two & Part Three are both in the Top 100 on Amazon for Romance: Paranormal: Werewolves & Shifters. I am sooooo grateful that people are reading my books. It really means a lot to me and I look forward to sharing many more stories with you all in the future.

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Captured by the Shifters: Part 2 coming next week

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      Jaxon took me around his house. It was much nicer than even the outside made me think. The little furniture he had was tasteful and wasn’t all leather sofas or bean bag chairs. He had even painted all the rooms different colors. I was surprised to see that he had a trendy grey living room and a white kitchen with flat black cabinets. Upstairs there was his room, the master with en suite bathroom, and then 5 additional bedrooms. Each already had a twin bed in it.
“Five kids?” I asked with a smile. “Someone’s a little ambitious for a species with a low birthrate.”
“Who says I’m not going to roll the dice and chose a human bride?

Captured Part Two

Hope everyone is having an easy Monday! I have been hard at work on the second part of Amina and Jaxon’s story. I’m a few thousand words from the end of Captured Part 2 and will be sending it to the proofer later this week. The release date is June 12 and release day, I’m hoping to have Captured 2 available on all vendors by the 12.

I’m very excited to share  this episode with you guys and will be back Friday with an except. See you later this week!

Captured by the Shifters: Part One

Captured Book 1

Captured is live! Its only available in the Kindle store and on Kobo and Google Play right now. It will be on Nook and iTunes in the coming days. I believe this will be the last time there is any delay across stores on release. So next time, everyone will be able to read the book on release day if they so choose. Exciting! As I posted earlier, I’m working with a new proofreader on this series and I hope the change in evident.

Amina is a much different woman than Elle and I’m having a blast getting to know her as I continue to work on the series. Black Oak Springs and all its inhabitants are in for a big shake up in this series. Stay tuned for more updates. Happy reading!

Update: FINALLY!! Captured is live on Apple here.

Update: Apple is taking longer than expected to approve Captured for distribution. I’ll update when I get more info.

Update: Nook version is available!

Here are the links:

Amazon                    Kobo                                             Google Play

Nook                         iTunes

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