lion7Loving the Lion

Curvy Erin Numm is over dating. At the tender age of twenty-eight, she’s seen it all. A string of bad dates and heartbreak has left her ready to put herself on the sideline. Her plans are changed when she meets an agent from Lovely and Kind Brides. The mysterious woman tells Erin she has the PERFECT match for her. Curious, Erin decides to give love one last try and join the mail-order bride agency.

Shifter Owen Brooks is a lion on a mission. He’s working on big plans but he’s having trouble crossing one special item off his to-do list; Find A Mate. A shifter isn’t complete until they find their mate and Owen’s had no luck in that department. After months of no matches, an LK Brides agent emails to let him know she has found his mate. The agent’s optimism is enough to give Owen hope that maybe his long search is over.

WolfMM2attemptagainWolf Seeks Wife

Molly Pitt’s life is going nowhere. Fast. Losing a job she loves causes her to reevaluate exactly what she wants out of life. She realizes that what she really wants is to be a wife and have children. Only with no one special in her life, there’s little hope of that happening anytime soon. Seeing an ad for a mail-order bride company renews Molly’s hope for her future. Even if she doesn’t get matched right away, this could be exactly what she needs to get her back on the right path.

Kellan Lunar has gone against his instincts and signed up for Lovely and Kind Brides. Seeing a happy couple get married convinced him that he could use a little help in the romance department. He’s excited when Olivia Grey calls and tells him that she has found his perfect mate. Only there’s a slight problem that may put Kellan off. Can he overcome his own prejudices and claim the mate that fate has put in front of him? Find out in book two of the Mail-Order Mates series.
This short book is the perfect for a quick read during your lunch break or tea time. HEA ending. No cliffhanger!


The Bear’s Bride

Frank Franklin is ready to find his mate. After years of searching on his owe, the big bear is ready to give Olivia Grey and Lovely and Kind Brides a shot. He couldn’t be more thrilled when after only three days, Olivia finds his match. There’s only one little problem. The woman doesn’t want to meet him!
After three failed marriages, Amy Alma knows she has terrible taste in men and choosing who to give her heart too. When her well-meaning sister signs her up for Lovely and Kind Brides, Amy will have to make a very important decision. Will she take another chance on love or keep her heart guarded away?
Find out if Frank can convince Amy to take a chance on him in book three of the Mail-Order Mates series.


TigerMateTaming the Tiger

Gwen Johnson is losing her mind. She’s watched three of her friends find love with the help of LK Brides. But her profile goes unmatched in the database. Gwen’s ready to leave Sunset Falls and find the love of her life. If only she’d be matched already!
Dominic Cates knows Gwen is the love of his life and his mate. Too bad she doesn’t believe it. They have a history and Gwen won’t give him another chance after he’s already hurt her once. Can the tiger convince the stubborn tigress that he’s changed? Find out in book four of the Mail-Order Mates series.



A Wife for the Wolves

Matt and Mark Lunar have been waiting to become alphas their entire lives. Together, they could provide the leadership that the Lunar Pack sorely needs. Their only problem? They don’t have a mate to complete their triad. There hasn’t been an alpha triad in the pack for decades and the twins are having no luck finding the special lady to complete their threesome. In a last ditch effort to find a mate, the twins sign-up with a mail-order bride company. Join the alphas-in-waiting as they search for their perfect mate in book five of the Mail-Order Mates series.


StagAMZSurrendering to the Stag

Rachel Drummond has spent her entire life in Sunset Falls. The hardworking waitress has longed for a family of her own for years. Seeing her friends find love with a mail-order bride service. Rachel decides to give the agency a chance.
Stag-shifter Clint Preacher has had his eye on Rachel since they were teenagers. The beautiful curvy waitress has never batted an eye in Clint’s direction. To his surprise, the two are matched via Lovely and Kind Brides. Clint is eager to get their romance underway but Rachel is holding back. She has a secret that could tear them apart. Will these longtime friends find love or will her secret keep them apart forever? Find out in book six of the Mail-Order Mates series.


PantherAMZPursuing the Panther

Billionaire shifter Ben Shelby can’t get a break. He’s wealthy, successful, and an upstanding member of his community. To his mother, that just isn’t enough. She wants her only son to find a mate. Ben’s signed up with the Lovely and Kind Bride agency but still has no matches. Ben wants to find a mate very badly but he won’t rush it. Unlike his mother, he’s patient and will wait for the right woman.
Curvy bartender Zelda Simmons is losing her best friend. Her half-sister Tessa is moving across the country to get married. While out partying on her last night in town, Tessa gets her sister to agree to sign up with a mail order bride agency. Zelda agrees but she doesn’t think the agency will be able to help her. When she see finds out that her match is an incredibly wealth shifter, she’s even more suspicious. There’s no way a billionaire would ever be her perfect match.
Find out if these two strangers can overcome their differences to find love in Mail-Order Mates book seven.

leopardAMZThe Leopard in Love

Pilot Kai Waters has watched all the bachelors of Sunset Falls find love. It never occurred to Kai to try to get matched himself. As a busy single father, he has his hands full already. He’d like to find love but he doesn’t want to take away from the precious time he has with his son.
Curvy Sarah Roberts is visiting Sunset Falls from out of town and isn’t looking for a romance. The only thing on her mind is relaxing, going to the town’s Christmas festival and visit with her family. Little does she know that Olivia Grey has one more match up her sleeve and she’s convinced that Sarah and Kai are perfect for each other.
Will Kai and Sarah go along with Olivia’s master plan? Find out in the eighth and final book in the Mail-Order Mates series.