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Black Oak Shifters

Series Reading Order and Future Release Dates

I’ve had people ask me what order Captured and Taken should be read in. The full Taken series comes first. However, you could read the Captured  series first if you really wanted and then back track to Taken or not read Taken at all if you’re not interested in Elle & Luke. You can jump right in with Captured:Part One and not be confused.

On the publishing side, going forward I will not be setting exact release dates anymore unless I do pre-orders. As an author, I can confidently say that a book will be finished and ready by a specific date. As an indie publisher, I have no control of when a vendor decides to approve my books for sale. This means that books will be available for sale on different vendors at different times. For this reason, I will now give a timeframe for when new books will be available. For instance, Captured Part Three will be available the first week of July. This means that by July 7 it should be available on all vendors.

Finally,  I just wanted to say thank you again to all you guys. Taken Part Two & Part Three are both in the Top 100 on Amazon for Romance: Paranormal: Werewolves & Shifters. I am sooooo grateful that people are reading my books. It really means a lot to me and I look forward to sharing many more stories with you all in the future.

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Captured by the Shifters: Part 2 coming next week

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      Jaxon took me around his house. It was much nicer than even the outside made me think. The little furniture he had was tasteful and wasn’t all leather sofas or bean bag chairs. He had even painted all the rooms different colors. I was surprised to see that he had a trendy grey living room and a white kitchen with flat black cabinets. Upstairs there was his room, the master with en suite bathroom, and then 5 additional bedrooms. Each already had a twin bed in it.
“Five kids?” I asked with a smile. “Someone’s a little ambitious for a species with a low birthrate.”
“Who says I’m not going to roll the dice and chose a human bride?

Captured Part Two

Hope everyone is having an easy Monday! I have been hard at work on the second part of Amina and Jaxon’s story. I’m a few thousand words from the end of Captured Part 2 and will be sending it to the proofer later this week. The release date is June 12 and release day, I’m hoping to have Captured 2 available on all vendors by the 12.

I’m very excited to share  this episode with you guys and will be back Friday with an except. See you later this week!

Captured by the Shifters: Part One

Captured Book 1

Captured is live! Its only available in the Kindle store and on Kobo and Google Play right now. It will be on Nook and iTunes in the coming days. I believe this will be the last time there is any delay across stores on release. So next time, everyone will be able to read the book on release day if they so choose. Exciting! As I posted earlier, I’m working with a new proofreader on this series and I hope the change in evident.

Amina is a much different woman than Elle and I’m having a blast getting to know her as I continue to work on the series. Black Oak Springs and all its inhabitants are in for a big shake up in this series. Stay tuned for more updates. Happy reading!

Update: FINALLY!! Captured is live on Apple here.

Update: Apple is taking longer than expected to approve Captured for distribution. I’ll update when I get more info.

Update: Nook version is available!

Here are the links:

Amazon                    Kobo                                             Google Play

Nook                         iTunes

Release Date and Title for Summer Series!

Things got a little crazy at my day job at the beginning of the month so I had a hard time picking a release date for the new Black Oak Shifter series. I finally decided this weekend that May 22 is the date!!! I also finally picked a name and its….Captured by the Shifters. I can’t wait to share the story of Amina Blake with you guys.

I would also like to take a minute to thank everyone who has left a review for the Taken Series. Even if the review is not so great, they all help me to make the Black Oak Series better. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!!


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Jax Ever After

Taken by the Shifters is finished…but this won’t be the last we see of Luke and Elle. At the end of the month, a new series will start. This one will be released once a month over the summer and each entry will be a little longer than Taken at around 100 pages. I think I have a title for this one finally but I’ll share when I feel positive I love it. Right now, I”m just going to file this one under the title of the entire series, Black Oak Shifters. Here’s a quick summery of the first book in the summer series:

Wannabe journalist Amina Blake just got the lead on the story of a lifetime. While attending a family friend’s wedding, she learns about a mysterious town in the woods. Rumor has it the town is for shifters only.
Amina is determined to make her way to the town and expose all of its secrets. She’s sure this will rocket her career into the stratosphere.
What Amina didn’t count on was the hot best man from the wedding being the town’s deputy sheriff. And that’s only the beginning of her troubles.

If you’ve read the Taken series you’ll be able to guess the hero of the new series. However, you could totally start with this series and come back to read Taken later. Or never if you’re not interested in Elle and Luke’s story. The Black Oak Shifter series can be read in any order. It’s better if you do read them in order though, as there is an underlying story that unfolds across the books.

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Taken by the Shifters: Part Three

It’s here! Taken: Part Three is available on Amazon, Google Play, and Kobo. Unfortunately, it won’t be available for Nook until Tuesday, April 29 and iTunes on Thursday, May 1. I am so sorry for the wait! iTunes takes longer than I expected to upload. NookPress is down and I won’t be able to get the final part of the story up until Tuesday. I’ll edit this post and put the links here as soon as they become available.

Edit: Now available on Nook and iTunes!

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Thank You!

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has picked up Taken by the Shifters: Part One. I am beyond thrilled that anyone is interested in reading my story. I thought that maybe a dozen or so people would download a copy before the month was up but it has wildly exceeded my expectations. My little story that I wanted to throw away has managed to make it to the top 20 Free for its category on Amazon and is in the top 1000 free on the whole site. For a new author that is just amazing. So again Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Another Taken Series Update

Taken by the Shifters: Part Two is now available at Amazon, Barnes and NobleiTunes, and Kobo. There’s only one more part left in Elle and Luke’s story. Part three will be released on April 27. After that, The Sponsor 2 will release on May 18.

Stay tuned for the announcement of my next release after Sponsor 2. It’s going to be a fun serial for summer. I know I love fast and fun reads I can relax on the beach or on my porch with in summer. Y’all are going to be pleasantly surprised when I tell you all the details. Hint:  it may be a story about another Black Oak Springs Shifter.

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Taken by the Shifters: Part Two

I’m just finishing up edits on part two…which means it will likely be available for purchase sometime this weekend. That’s a little earlier than the release date I set but shhh. Working on part three is hard! I’m going to wrap up the story in part three for sure but there’s so much I want to add to their story. It looks like part three will be available April 27.

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Edit: Taken by the Shifters: Part Two is  available now!!!


Barnes and Noble




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