Red and the Tiger 3 OTHER SITES

Red and the Tiger

A modern day shifter tale inspired by the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood!

With her grandmother missing, Suzy Redding has no choice but to travel to the Wasteland. But Suzy isn’t prepared for this trip. Her overprotective mother never even let her leave her hometown. But for her Gran, Suzy’s willing to swallow her fears and go. After getting lost in the woods for hours, she runs into a helpful shifter. The only problem? He’s waiting for someone else. Out of ideas, Suzy lies to get the handsome shifter to help her.

Tiger shifter Tyler Wolf has gotten his big break. He’s lived in Rose Valley long enough. He’s decided to work for a local gang to make some quick cash and leave the shifter town. On his first assignment, things go wrong quickly when he picks up the wrong woman. As mad as he is about being lied too, Tyler decides to help Suzy anyway. He can’t leave the innocent woman to fend for herself. Especially not since his tiger has taken a special interest in the curvy beauty.

This is book two in the Shifters Everafter series but it is a standalone story with a HEA ending that can be read on its own. Pick up your copy on Amazon today for only $0.99 or free as part of a KindleUnlimited subscription!