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The Witch and the Wolf Series

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New Release: A Very Witchy Wedding

WitchyWeddingThe short-story sequel to the Witch and the Wolf serial is available now! Grab your copy here. Here’s the blurb for the story:

Cross Hemlock has found his mate and now he wants to make it official. After dating witch Aurora Silver for less than a year, he knows he wants to be with her forever. Only, Aurora’s family isn’t going to make that easy. He’ll have to jump through a few hoops and find a missing fae before he can claim Rory as his bride.

See you guys early next week with the cover and an excerpt for my next short story!

Surprise! A New Serial

Hello lovely!

So last week I mentioned a surprise right? Ready? I’m working on a new serial! I’m writing the standalone novels for the Black Oak Shifters but ya’ll know I love short serials too. If you’ve read The Witch and the Wolf: Part Three, you’ll know that I have a novel follow-up planned for that serial too. However, I have another story I want to tell from that universe first. Remember the vampire Violet? Well she’s the heroine of the new serial. The hero is a member of the Golden Bears. They were mentioned briefly in the Witch and the Wolf and they’re allies of the Moon Brothers. Cross & Rory won’t be in this serial at all. It takes place while they’re “away.” This new story will release quickly in October just before the Amina & Jaxon novel. That’s all I have to say about it now. I’ll have more for after The Shifter’s Wife is released.

Speaking of The Shifter’s Wife, I’ll be back next Wednesday with a blurb! Have a great week!

New Release Sale

Witch and Wolf Part Three is finally HERE!!! The new release sale will end on Monday, August 25. After that, it will go up to it’s full price of $2.99. Next week, I’ll be revealing the cover of the Elle & Luke novel. Be sure to sign-up to my mailing list if you want to be notified as soon as the novel is released. Happy readings lovelies!

An Excerpt: Witch and Wolf Three

Witch&Wolf3A sneak peak at the final part of the Witch and Wolf serial. This section is from the unedited manuscript so please forgive any mistakes and the formatting:

Something rough and wet was stroking Rory’s face. She tried to brush it off but it returned every time. Whatever it was, she wished it would stop. She had been having the most wonderful dream and it kept waking her up. As much as she swatted it away, the wetness returned. It wasn’t until she heard the werewolf whine did her eyes snap open.
She sat up quickly and Cross had to back up to avoid her head.
“Did I pass out again?” she asked. “Could you please shift back? I really want to be able to talk to you right now.”
“Yes why don’t you,” a clipped voice said from behind her. Rory looked around but didn’t see anyone. She knew it must be a dark fae. One had pulled her into this damn dimension so they couldn’t be far away. She was beyond happy to see the wolf though. She thought she was imagining him running toward her as she was pulled into the portal. Everything had gone black the minute she passed through.
The Lost dimension looked nothing like she had imagined. In her mind it was a barren wasteland with sand and beating hot sun twenty-four hours a day. She really did belong in the Midwest. Her version of hell was too much sun all day. It was nothing like that though. Where she was sitting looked much closer to a children’s illustration of a fairyland. It was green and lush. There were trees and there was even a babbling spring just a few feet away from her. The grass under her hands felt softer than any grass she had ever sat in.
She pulled some grass up and let it fall through her fingers. “Can you believe this is the ultimate prison? I mean this place is straight out of a fairytale right here.”
Cross whine and pawed at the ground. He circled a few times behind her.
“I know there’s someone here.” She could feel the magic. In Olaf’s home, the magic had felt dark and dirty, like falling into a pit of syrup and mud. Here she felt great. All her aches from fighting Violet and Melody were gone. She honestly felt like Superwoman. There was nothing that was going to stop her from getting her and Cross back to the right dimension. She really wished one of those fae would show their face now. They would be no match for her.
Cross snarled and all the fur stood up on his back. On the other side of the small stream, a woman appeared. Rory squinted and tilted her head. The woman looked familiar.
“How are you feeling?” the woman asked. “You passed out as you came over but I couldn’t get close enough to examine you.”
Rory patted Cross on the side. “Good.”
“Do you know who I am?”
“The evil bitch that kidnapped me and put everyone I love in danger?”
The woman smiled. “Is that really how you talk to your sister?”
“My sisters are on the other side of a portal in the good dimension. You know the one you were kicked out of.”
The woman snorted. “Those women are your magically sisters maybe. Me? I’m blood.”
It was Rory’s turn to laugh. “I don’t know what your game is but at least I was able to get a laugh out of this whole thing.”
“I would think my face alone should convince you,” the woman raised an eyebrow. “I know it’s like looking into a mirror when I see you.”
Rory’s stomach turned. That was why the woman looked familiar. The woman was taller than Rory and had to be older. Besides the brunette hair, the woman’s facial features looked like Rory’s. They had the same blue eyes, small mouth, and pert upturned nose. If the woman smiled, Rory expected to see a dimple in one check.
“You can see it now,” the woman said. “My name is Sophia and I’m Queen of the Northlands Fae. I’m going to go back to my village now since you’re little dog won’t let me close to you. You can follow me back to the village if you chose.”
Sophia walked away into the forest.

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Excerpt: Witch and Wolf 2


Sand Springs was much nicer than its name suggested. Cross felt like a scumbag driving his motorcycle down the pristine city streets. He knew it was only a matter of minutes before the local law showed up. There was zero chance the two of them belonged in the town. Rory would be fine if she was alone, nobody ever questioned innocent blondes. If they had been in a car, Cross would have passed too. But on his bike they were a huge target.
He followed the signs to the town visitor’s bureau. Magda had given Rory a town but not much else information. Beatrice Silver was one of their ancestors and she lived in the town of Silver Springs. That was all they had to work with. Cross knew that would be enough. Anytime there was a ghost, it was a violent death. With a witch of Beatrice’s era, he was pretty confident they were looking for the mass grave from a witch trial.
“What are we doing here?” Rory asked taking off her helmet.
“We’re going to find out about the town’s history,” he looked behind her as a cop car turned the corner onto the block. “We’re a young couple on a ride across the country and we’re sight-seeing in town.”
“I don’t think we’re going to need a cover story but fine,” Rory agreed.
“Hello! Welcome to Sand Springs,” a nice looking older woman greeted them as soon as they walked inside the small building. “I’m Mrs. Thomas. What brings you kids to our lovely town today?”
Cross gave Rory an I-told-you-so look. “We really needed a rest stop and decided to stop in. We’re on a rode trip across the state and all these old towns have such interesting back stories.”
“You two are on that bike!” the woman’s eye brows shot up. “That must be so uncomfortable. Let me guess. This was your idea young man. The things we do for love.”
The woman gave Rory a conspiratorial look. Rory beamed back at her. “How did you know?”
“I was young once too dear and let me tell you, all the young men looked like this in my time,” she winked at Cross. “Though my mother would never have let me on the back of a motorcycle.”
“I doubt my mother is very happy with this situation,” Rory quipped.
“But that didn’t stop you now did it,” Mrs. Thomas chuckled. “It’s so nice to have a young beautiful couple interested in history. I’ll let you two have a look around. Everything is pretty self-explanatory but if you have any questions, I’ll be right up here.”
“Thank you,” Cross said smiling at the woman. He took Rory’s hand and led her toward the exhibits. She was going to be pissed at him but it was worth it. She couldn’t shake his hand off or cause a scene here.
“You think your real slick,” she told him.
“I don’t think I’m the only one who’s feeling a little…slick today,” Cross said with a smirk. He could smell how much she wanted him. The minute he took her hand, her body temperature had shot up. She had been squirming against him the entire ride up to Sand Springs. He wished she would stop being so difficult and just let him finish claiming her already. He wanted to fuck her, she wanted to fuck him. They were both of age and consenting adults. She was letting the whole different supernatural creatures things get in her head too much.
It wasn’t like his dick knew she was a witch or her pussy would be able to tell it was getting rail by a werewolf. Once the clothes came off, it really didn’t matter who was what. Plus, it would really clear both of their heads once they got it over with. His wolf had been on edge since the incident when they first got to Sienna. He had barely slept at all last night and it would keep up like that until he joined with her.

See you next week for the release!

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Changes to Witch and Wolf Availablity

Hello again lovelies. This week I have an announcement to make. My newest serial, The Witch and the Wolf,  is going to be an Amazon exclusive for the next three months. If you haven’t heard, Amazon just unveiled a new program where people can borrow an unlimited number of books from the Amazon Kindle Library for $9.99/ month. You can go check it out if you’re interested. The books are also available for purchase if you have no interest in KU. As of now, I will only be putting Witch & Wolf into this program. I have no plans to put the two Black Oak Shifter novels in the program. This was a very difficult decision for me. I hope that by doing this, I am able to give most people the chance to check out the serial using KU.

If you’re interested in reading the Witch and the Wolf but buy from other vendors, you’re in luck. There is an app that you can download to read Kindle books on any mobile device, tablet, or computer. I actually use the app on my iPad because I don’t have an eReader. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like help downloading the Kindle app or even if you would like to chat about KU or my decision.

The Witch and the Wolf: Part One

Part one is live!!! I’m very excited about this one. I’ve been waiting SO long to share this story with you all. Aurora and Cross have been a blast to write and I am loving creating a whole new world of witches, were-creatures, vampires, and fae. As always, please leave me a review on your favorite site when you finish. It really helps get the word out about my books and I super appreciate it when you do.

Here’s the links:





Google Play-coming 7/25

New Serial Cover and an Excerpt!


“Excuse me, sir!” she called running outside. “You forgot your change!”
He turned around helmet in hand, blue eyes sparkling. “I don’t think I did. I believe you mean your tip.”
“You left me a hundred dollars,” Rory said dumbfounded. “I know I’m good waitress but I’m not that good.”
“I think you deserve some compensation for having to put up with us. I get to stare at you while I eat,” he said straddling his bike. “I think that’s reason enough to give you a great tip. I wouldn’t want my favorite waitress leaving for greener pastures.”
He put his helmet on effectively ending the conversation. He revved the motor and sped off with his friend leaving Rory staring opened mouthed. She managed to wait until she was back in the diner before she started grinning.
The next night he had left her another hundred and the night after that too. By the fifth night, Rory was starting to get annoyed. It was starting to feel dirty. Did he think she was a prostitute or something? Lot’s of men hit on her while she was waiting tables but none of them were leaving her hundred dollar tips.
“You need to stop leaving me these tips. It’s too much,” she told him before taking their plates on the sixth night. As always, the pair were the only customers left in the restaurant.
“Fine,” he said looking at her. “I’ll stop leaving you obscene tips if you go out with me.”
Rory blushed. “I don’t even know you!”
“I’ve been coming here for more than six months now. I know your name is Aurora Silver and you’re the daughter of the owner. My name is Cross Hemlock and I’m a nice guy who rides a motorcycle,” he smiled at her. “See now you know me. So what time should I pick you up Friday?”
“Just because you tell me you’re a nice guy doesn’t mean you’re a nice guy,” Rory said. “In fact, whenever a guy says he’s a nice guy, he’s usually the exact opposite.”
“Hey that’s not fair! Ozzy, back me up!” he told his blond haired friend.
“Leave me out of this,” Ozzy said putting his hands up. “I only come here for the food. I’m not getting banned over your love sick ass.”
Aurora smiled a little at the love sick part. “Look, Cross is it? I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all but you know very well why I can’t go on a date with you.”
“I know you don’t buy into that whole ‘no mixing’ thing. There hasn’t been a war between wolves and witches in decades. In fact, I’m not even sure my pack has ever had a beef with your coven before. That’s all in the past. You need to live in the present honey.”
It was hard when he turned those baby blues on her but Rory resisted. “Thanks for the advice but I’m still going to have to pass. I appreciate the compliment but please stop leaving me this money.”
“I’ll stop leaving the money when you go on a date with me,” he vowed before leaving for the night. Rory had made $1200 in tips since he started his dating campaign and it didn’t look he’d be stopping anytime soon.


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