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New Series: Mail-Order Mates

PM MOMI finished up final Lost Tribe book last week. I’m still working through edits and waiting for the cover but the final two books should release before Valentine’s Day. That means I’m moving onto a new series! I’ve just started working on the first book and I absolutely love this series. The first book should release right around Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be a series of standalone novellas. Each of these stories will have a HEA so you’ll be able to pick up any of the stories and dive right into the world. Each book will focus on one couple getting their perfect ending. The series follows modern day BBW mail-order brides who use the services of Lovely and Kind Brides. LK Brides serves a very special kind of client. All of their bachelors are shifters looking for love.

I’ll also be starting an ARC review team for the first time with this series. There are a very limited number of spots on the List for Mail-Order Mates. Be sure to fill out the application, located here, now if you’re interested. When all the spots on the List are filled, I will remove the application.

This Month & Future Plans

Hello lovelies!

I want to keep you guys updated on what’s coming from me this month & in the new year. I just finished the Violet serial & it’s off for edits now. It’s a short two-part serial that introduces a new couple in the Witch & Wolf universe. They play a part in the upcoming novels. Yes, that’s where we go next now that the Black Oak Shifters story is finished. Next month, the first novel in that universe releases. I’ll have a cover reveal & excerpt for that next month.

Most importantly, the Violet story will likely be my last serial. Going into the new year, I have no plans to release anything less than a 100 pages & no more “part one”, ” part two”, etc. books. I really LOVE serials but the stories I want to tell no longer fit into the serial model of story telling. I always want to give you guys the best quality stories & the only way to do that is with longer books. That means I’ll be releasing less frequently than I did this year BUT you’ll be getting longer stories. Seems like a fair trade off

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Thank you again to everyone who has left reviews on the Taken series! All of them have been immensely helpful as I move forward with the Black Oak Shifter Series. Of course it is nice to read the glowing reviews. Those are wonderful to see after an 11 hour work day when all I want to do is sleep instead of write. The critical ones help too though. Some reviewers have pointed out that there are errors in the Taken series. This is likely because I sent those manuscripts out at the very last second and rushed through the edits in the hours before releasing.  Mistake!

I’m currently working with a new editor and newly edited versions of all three stories will be up over Memorial Day weekend. So if you got copies already, you’ll be able to download the updated ones after the holiday. This time around with Captured, I’m sending the manuscript off earlier so neither I nor the editor is rushed.

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