Shifters Surprise

Here is the gorgeous cover for the Amina and Jaxon novel, The Shifter’s Surprise. Here’s a quick synopsis of the novel if you haven’t seen it yet:

Amina Blake is keeping secrets. She still hasn’t told her parents that she’s been dating Jaxon Traveler for over a year. She hasn’t told her friends that her super sexy new boyfriend is in fact a shifter. And she definitely hasn’t told Jaxon that their lives are about to change in a very big way.
    Jaxon Traveler is keeping secrets of his own. As sheriff of Black Oak Springs, it’s his job to keep every shifter in town safe. Lately, that’s meant crossing lines he isn’t sure he ever wanted to cross. He’s starting to believe that maybe Black Oak Springs isn’t the place to have his human girlfriend move to. But if Black Oak isn’t safe for her, where else can they go as a human-shifter couple?

I’ll be back next Wednesday with an excerpt from the book. Have a great week!


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