Here’s a peak at the first chapter of The Vampire and the Bear: Part One. It’s unedited so please forgive any spelling or grammar errors.


Melody Jobs rushed across the compound. She was crying hard and having a difficult time casting the teleportation spell. The running was unnecessary. She should have dragged Violet from the room and teleported immediately but she had only been using magic for a few decades. It wasn’t natural to her yet. Running she could do and at very high speeds. Her base instincts told her run and get her daughter as far away from Olaf as she could.
Her poor, beautiful daughter was dying in her arms. That terrible werewolf had tossed her around like she was a rag doll. Melody had no idea how he had even done it. Violet was barely two decades old, a child in vampire terms, but she was strong. Melody had trained her hard and the girl was easily one of the strongest vampires in the New World. Still, the young werewolf had been able to best her easily.
Melody didn’t blame the dumb animal. He was only doing what he thought best to protect his mate. This was King Olaf’s fault. He had to make the stupid deal with the Lost Tribe Queen and get them into this mess in the first place. He and his brother Sven had sworn up and down to Melody that it was a no risk venture. The Queen had promised they would be allies once she managed to crossover with her sister’s help. Then, the vampires would reign over the New World and the party would never stop.
Now look where they were, the little witch had proved more powerful then Olaf expected and the wolf had somehow followed them. Violet had teleported across the globe to make it hard to follow her and still he had followed. This was not going to be an “easy venture.” She was done. Once her daughter’s life was in danger, Melody could no longer follow her King.
The question now was where was she going to hide Violet while she took care of the King? She couldn’t put her with any vampire in the area or any of Olaf’s allies. Any of her allies were out of the question too. That would be the first place Olaf and Sven would check. They would use Violet to get to Melody and in this weakened state it would be easy to capture the young vampire. No, Melody needed a place that no one would expect. There was only one place she could think of and so she teleported to a sunlight hell.

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