Feb Resolution Post

Another month has come and gone and I’m back with another update on my resolutions. There were a lot of ups and downs this month in the Kidd house. We didn’t have working plumbing for almost 6 days which was a major curveball for us. Luckily, I still managed to stick to my goals for the most part.
1. Get Healthy
a. Move More.
I’m still aiming for 5000 steps/day. I had hoped to be up to 6000 by now. It’s much harder than I anticipated to find time to get in organic movement during the day. Our endless winter in Illinois makes it hard to get out and move during February. I’m still stepping in place during my favorite TV shows to get those steps in though. I know
b. Drink More Water
I’m still so-so with this one. I don’t think that’s a bad thing since I rarely drink anything besides water. Even if it’s not as much as I want to be drinking yet, it’s still better than drinking pop or mocha lattes 🙂
c. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
I did great with this goal in February. We ate vegetables with every lunch and most dinners. Yay for canned vegetables! It’s so easy to just pop open a can of green beans or peas and add them to each meal.

2. Read More
I’m still reading a book a week. I’ve started reading the “He Wanted me Pregnant!” series by Victoria Wessex and its making it so easy to fit in reading time. These books are short and very steamy. I’ve already read two and have two more sitting on my Kindle for March.

3. Write 500,000 words
Doing great with this one too. I wrote just under 40,000 words this month so I’m right on track.

So there it is. So far so good. I’m pleased with my progress and think I’ll only do better next month. How are you guys doing with your resolutions?

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