It’s that time of the year again! Each year I try to make a few new goals on January 1. I never make mine too complicated and that’s helped me stick to them for the last few years. Here’s my simple goals for the year ahead:


1. Get Healthy!

Now this one sounds really general but I broke it down into three steps that should make it a cinch:

a. Move More!


I became a full-time writer this year (I couldn’t have done this without you guys!! Thank you so much 🙂 ). My day job was mostly computer based but I was still walking at least 4-5 miles/day. Yeah, not so much anymore. I was exercising regularly for the first month but then I just got really lazy and stopped. I’m barely getting in 1000 steps some days now! I got a FitBit last year for Christmas and looking at my Dashboard, I can really see where my fitness fell off. But I’m turning that around in 2015! I want to build back  up to the recommended 10,000 steps/day. To get my step count up, I’m going to start doing Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds DVD again. I’ve this DVD for almost ten years and I love it. Its a simple workout that’s customizable. You pick how many miles you want to do each day and Leslie is such a great instructor. If you’re new to working out or are looking for a quick way to get more exercise each day, any of the Walk Away the Pounds series is a great way to start.

b. Drink More Water!


I’m really bad at this one when I forget about it. I don’t drink pop or energy drinks or any of the other sugary beverages. I have one cup of tea or coffee in the morning and then its water for the rest of the day. My problem is that I forget to drink even if I have a bottle right next to me. Bad I know! To remedy this in 2015, I’m going to start tracking how much water I drink each day. I keep a piece of paper with my weekly meal plan on my fridge door and under each day, I’m going to put a tally down for each bottle of water I drink. My goal is 2-3L each day.

c. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables!


I already cook most of our food myself since I’m home but during the winter I really slack on fruits and vegetables. In the summer, there are so many yummy fruits to choose from that I don’t have any problem eating 2 or 3 pieces a day. In the winter, there’s not much to choose from besides apples. I’m going to try to eat one piece of fruit every day. Even if its one lousy apple every day for all of the winter, it’s still better than eating no fruit at all!

2. Read More!

2015 GR

I used to read two or three books a week when I was in high school. Once I hit college, my reading really fell off. I just didn’t have the time anymore. I do still read but it’s only six books a year if I’m lucky. This year I want to challenge myself to read much more than I’ve been doing these last few years. To that end, I’ve started the 2015 Goodreads Challenge. I’m going to read 52 books in 2015! That’s one a week which seems daunting right now but I’ve got five books lined up for January already.

3. Write 500,000 Words!


I got so close to this one in 2014. In eleven months, I was able to write 452,000 words. This year I’ll have an extra month of writing though. I write five days a week and I’m trying to stick to that schedule this year. Last year, I would end up writing on the weekends and I’m trying to stop that completely. It’s a big goal but by putting it on my official 2015 goal list I’m sure I can do it.


That’s it! I’ll keep you guys updated each month with how I’m faring. Do you guys have any goals for the new year? I’d love to hear about them!

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