PantherAMZPursuing the Panther

Billionaire shifter Ben Shelby can’t get a break. He’s wealthy, successful, and an upstanding member of his community. To his mother, that just isn’t enough. She wants her only son to find a mate. Ben’s signed up with the Lovely and Kind Bride agency but still has no matches. Ben wants to find a mate very badly but he won’t rush it. Unlike his mother, he’s patient and will wait for the right woman.
Curvy bartender Zelda Simmons is losing her best friend. Her half-sister Tessa is moving across the country to get married. While out partying on her last night in town, Tessa gets her sister to agree to sign up with a mail order bride agency. Zelda agrees but she doesn’t think the agency will be able to help her. When she see finds out that her match is an incredibly wealth shifter, she’s even more suspicious. There’s no way a billionaire would ever be her perfect match.
Find out if these two strangers can overcome their differences to find love in Mail-Order Mates book seven. Only $0.99 or FREE with KindleUnlimited. Grab your copy today on Amazon HERE!

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