Elephants Never Forget AMAZON LARGE

Elephants Never Forget

Maura Trebel is visiting Safari Island for her honeymoon, except there is no husband by her side. Her fiancé left her at the alter and Maura was forced to come to the romantic resort alone. She quickly makes a new friend and is surprised to see a face from her past.
Branch Dunkin is having a less than stellar summer. His best friends have gotten married and he’s lonely. He’d love to find a mate one day but is content to keep his life single and carefree for now. All that changes when a woman from his past waltzes back into his life.
The two have an instant connection but Maura doesn’t think she can act on it. She’s on the island for more than her honeymoon. The secret is enough to make her keep her distance. Will she go through with her plans or will she be won over by love? Find out in book three of the Safari Shifter series! Only $0.99 or FREE with KindleUnlimited. Pick up your copy on Amazon today!

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