Hello lovely!

So last week I mentioned a surprise right? Ready? I’m working on a new serial! I’m writing the standalone novels for the Black Oak Shifters but ya’ll know I love short serials too. If you’ve read The Witch and the Wolf: Part Three, you’ll know that I have a novel follow-up planned for that serial too. However, I have another story I want to tell from that universe first. Remember the vampire Violet? Well she’s the heroine of the new serial. The hero is a member of the Golden Bears. They were mentioned briefly in the Witch and the Wolf and they’re allies of the Moon Brothers. Cross & Rory won’t be in this serial at all. It takes place while they’re “away.” This new story will release quickly in October just before the Amina & Jaxon novel. That’s all I have to say about it now. I’ll have more for after The Shifter’s Wife is released.

Speaking of The Shifter’s Wife, I’ll be back next Wednesday with a blurb! Have a great week!

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