Hello lovelies!

I want to keep you guys updated on what’s coming from me this month & in the new year. I just finished the Violet serial & it’s off for edits now. It’s a short two-part serial that introduces a new couple in the Witch & Wolf universe. They play a part in the upcoming novels. Yes, that’s where we go next now that the Black Oak Shifters story is finished. Next month, the first novel in that universe releases. I’ll have a cover reveal & excerpt for that next month.

Most importantly, the Violet story will likely be my last serial. Going into the new year, I have no plans to release anything less than a 100 pages & no more “part one”, ” part two”, etc. books. I really LOVE serials but the stories I want to tell no longer fit into the serial model of story telling. I always want to give you guys the best quality stories & the only way to do that is with longer books. That means I’ll be releasing less frequently than I did this year BUT you’ll be getting longer stories. Seems like a fair trade off

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